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This unique cabochon of Tiffany Stone has gorgeous patterns. Tiffany Stone is also known as Bertrandite.  The rareness of Tiffany Stone comes from the fact that to date, the only location it has been found is at the Brush Wellman Beryllium mine in western Utah. Tiffany Stone is found in nodules, some quite large, and they often have a white soft rind. In addition to Opalized Fluorite, this material may include chalcedony, manganese, dolomite and of course bertrandite, which contains the mineral Beryllium. This beautiful gemstone comes in an array of colors. This amazing gemstone is in the deep colors of purple and lavender. A purple, lavender, white stone sometimes with patches of mauve, yellowish-brown and black is found in beryllium ore. 

Flat polished beveled back

Measures 21.90x40.25mm

Thickness 6.30mm

Tiffany Stone Cabochon 12660

SKU: 12660
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