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Gaddabout Rock Creations

We started our love for rocks in 2008 while on a hike here in Arizona. We found a unique looking rock; we took it to the lapidary shop, cut it and polished it to discover the beauty of a rock! To this day, while hiking we can't keep our eyes off the ground!

We make sure to use only the finest natural gemstones in our cabochons. That is why we make our cabochons by hand. Each cabochon is cut, shaped and polished by hand, to bring out the beauty of each stone. In the cabochon process, gemstones are not roughly treated, or cut to provide artificial facets. Instead, the gems are gently smoothed down, highlighting the natural beauty of the stone itself. That is why we stand by our product, because we only use the finest quality stones, and emphasize the natural beauty in each one of our designer cabochons and cabochon jewelry. We have a wide variety of stones, built from over years of personal collection, supplemented by our world-wide network of sellers. This ensured that when you turn to Gaddabout Rock Creations we will be able to offer you exactly what you are looking for. The perfect piece of jewelry is different to each person, so be sure to check out our services page to find out more about what the perfect piece of cabochon jewelry is for you. So contact us today and let us give you the perfect cabochon gemstones for you or your loved ones. You'll be glad that you did.

Wild Horse Magnesite Cabochon Pendant
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