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This cabochon of Priday Moss has beautiful patterns. Priday Plume Agate is found at the eastern edge of the Deschutes Basin, northeast of the town of Madras, Oregon. Priday Agate was first discovered in the 1928 by Leslie Priday on his ranch Priday Ranch, which was purchased in 1976 by Richardson’s Rock Ranch. Priday Plume Agates come in “thunder egg” formations. "Thunder eggs" are chalcedony filled masses that fill former cavities in volcanic rocks. The nodule formations are usually spherical in shape and look like ordinary rocks on the outside, but when cut have beautiful centers of agate or jasper. Priday Plume Agate “thunder eggs” are usually small, but the agates inside contain a wonderful assortment of colors and patterns. They are considered agates because they are often at least partly translucent.


Flat polished beveled back

Measures 29.70x40.15mm

Thickness 6.60mm

Priday Moss Agate Cabochon 12528

SKU: 12528
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